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January 2015: Preparation and base camping

February 2015: Rise of the common areas of camping and research materials (bamboo, wood, etc ...)

March 2015: Rise of the roof and coverage in Bicok pajatoquilla.

April 2015: Elevation and details of the campsite.

May 2015: colors Keys and creation of the pool.

June 2015: Start of construction of the cabins and pool suite.

July 2015: First travelers and plantations.

August 2015 : The light comes with comfort

Septembre 2015 : Ouverture officielle aux Camping-Cars.

October 2015: Various improvements of the complex.

November 2015: Concentration on the cabanas camping.

December 2015 : We are finalizing the details of the camping cabanas Bicok.

January 2015 : Final details for an official opening of the camping cabanas Bicok around 15.

Mindo is a small paradise on earth where everything grows, the vegetation is lush and tropical. The Lodge will enchant you with its different species of orchids, a colorful botanical garden with 5 banana varieties to make different dishes or just enjoy bananas.
The Bicok lodge enjoys a prime location at the foot of a mountain slope. The hotel is located just 400 meters from the village center that can be reached on foot via a small bridge over the Rio Canchupi. The Bicok Lodge is a place conducive to the peace and quiet that coincides with birds, butterflies, frogs, lizards and insects of all kinds.
The Bicok is a peaceful place in the heart of nature to have a good time, the time to stay in Mindo.
The construction of the Bicok Lodge is a mixed wood and bamboo on stilts respectful of the environment and of the environment.
All of our Cabañas wants compact and friendly around a small central patio to promote exchange between people.
Cabañas each course remains independent, with all amenities. The complex is made Bicok Lodge stilt-gateways facilitating access to disabled people and to impact at least the natural environment, which gives satisfaction to all amphibians and insects.