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La Bicok EcoLodge MINDO – ECUADOR

The Bicok ecolodge is a creation made in 2015. The challenge was to achieve healthier and closer to nature resort with local materials. To do this, we used materials such as bamboo, wood, stone, and of course the pajatoquilla, used as straw French, to give the hotel a traditional aesthetic that blends perfectly with the environment.

The history of the Bicok EcoLodge A healthy and relaxing

The Bicok lodge a prime location at the foot of a mountain slope. The hotel is located just 400 meters from the town center can be reached on foot through a small bridge over the River Canchupi. The Bicok Lodge is an enabling environment for the peace of mind that coincides with birds, butterflies, frogs, lizards and insects of all kinds.

The Bicok is quiet in the heart of nature to have a good time, the length of stay in Mindo.
The construction of the Bicok Lodge is a mixture of wood and bamboo on stilts respectful of the environment.
All our cabins are compact and friendly around a small central courtyard to promote exchange between people.

Each cottage remains independent with all amenities. The resort is of course with walkways to facilitate access to people with disabilities and to impact at least the natural environment, which gives satisfaction to all amphibians and insects

Gallery EcoLodge