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Animal prohibition
Anti-dust mite
Credit card
Free WiFi
green building
private shower
private toilet

The Granito is equipped with a 140×190 bed comfort mite, a sanitary room with hot shower, a hand basin and a toilet. The Granito  has wifi network in the room. The windows are with mosquito nets. The Granito  is located directly on the private patio space (reserved for room guests only) with direct access to the shared terrace, covered by soil and remote gateways.
The Granito is simple, and natural, sober and functional for your comfort.
Breakfast is included in the delivery.

  • Green building
  • Respect for European construction rules
  • Peace and quiet
  • Only 400 meters from the town center
  • Local biodiversity
  • Observation of birds and insects on EcoLodge
  • Dinner (Menu françès)
  • Signature dish (fresh quality guarantee)

Price 2pers/night

La Concreto (All exclusive) $148
La Concreto (Half-pension) $98
La Concreto (Simple) $70
La Granito $90
 24h Wifi Access $0


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